Forty thousand years of cultivation

When yuan Ying attacked the deification, he often encountered the "small

When yuan Ying attacked the deification, he often encountered the "small disaster attack" from the prehistoric civilization. This is the case in the border area of Xinghai. Several existing deification monks in the Federation had encountered the mysterious small disaster attack when they first attacked the deification. They all relied on the strength of the whole Federation and did a good job of tight defense to survive. In the middle of the sea of stars, it should be even more so. Li Yao just on a whim, the opportunity is rare, can only go forward regardless of everything, but also ready to face the small disaster. But until the realm is consolidated and the mind of Tao stabilizes again, it seems that there is no sense of the appearance of "Little Heaven Plunder". His mind changed and he immediately analyzed the reason. Not necessarily because of his good luck, but because of the strong psionic fluctuations released by yuan Ying's breakthrough, which were "obscured" by the high-energy particle flow and super-strong radiation ejected by the Scorpion Nebula. It's like a burning flame, but it falls into the erupting magma. How can anyone find it? "A hundred years of bad luck, once washed out, just arrived in the empire, gave me such a big gift, I'vulture Li Yao 'really come to Jitai?"? "Ha ha ha ha, brisk, powerful ah, now I can walk sideways even on the stage where the real human empire masters gather!"! "It is said that there are many big families with a long history in the empire, and their elders, patriarchs, and so on, are just middle and high ranks of deification. They bring their families with them and worry a lot, but I am a bachelor. I come and go like the wind. What am I afraid of?"! "Hehehehe, even the nebula storm was killed by me, and who can stop me." Li Yao's spirit sent out a dark golden brilliance, condensed into a huge smiling face in the void, laughing so hard that his teeth almost fell out. Unexpectedly, above the golden smiling face, a big crimson face emerged, a really can not listen to the appearance. Bloody heart demon: "Well, I know you just broke through the spirit, the mood must be very excited, to brag a little bit is human nature, but can not boast so shamelessly?"? What is called the nebula storm is killed by your knife, people are obviously periodic outbreak, now just the outbreak is over! Li Yao: … I haven't been upgraded for more than a hundred years. It's not easy to break through a big realm, and no one else is cheering for me. What's wrong with celebrating for myself? Can you not be so disappointing? "Besides, my realm has improved, which is good for you. You are becoming more and more powerful. Look at the psionic model you have constructed. How exquisite, stable and fine it is!"! "In other words, it suddenly occurred to me that we should take a good look at the method of joint attack, because ordinary monks rarely have our split personality, face recognition identification , which is tantamount to saying that people have only one primordial spirit, which produces a double'absolute realm ', whether we can count two primordial spirits, whether we can cultivate a'double absolute realm' or something, which sounds very powerful?" Bloody heart demon: "This … …" It seems reasonable, but I have time to study it slowly. I always have a sense of foreboding that our crossing and breakthrough this time is too smooth and lucky, isn't it? Li Yao: "Not good?" Bloody heart demon: "It's not bad. It's just that every action in the past has been stumbling, trembling, and a narrow escape from death. This time it's suddenly so smooth and lucky. I'm not used to it. I always feel that there's something strange about it. I'd better check it quickly to see if there's any hidden danger left behind.." No, our starship! Li Yao immediately understood the meaning of the bloody heart demon, and hundreds of divine thoughts, like meteors, shot at the "bell" not far away. The result of the investigation was really not very good. He had just concentrated on the realm of deification, but neglected to protect his starship. At the moment, the "Bell" was full of holes and scars, and many key magic weapon units showed signs of serious interference and damage. The starship is badly damaged and needs a good repair. Li Yao said indifferently. Anyway, he had arrived at his destination, and he had mastered certain starship maintenance techniques. There were plenty of spare parts and maintenance magic weapons in the ring, and this little problem was not difficult for him. And Jiuyou Xuangu. ” Bloody heart demon way, "the giant God soldier is also scarred in the fierce struggle against the nebula storm, and must be overhauled." "No way." Li Yao nodded and said, "You have to pay a little price for the impact of deification. If you don't carry the nebula storm to practice, you can't break through the new realm at all!" With a batch of spare parts and three or five days of maintenance time, the result of a "perfect breakthrough" is naturally no more cost-effective. And your body. Bloody heart demon also said, "Nine Youxuan bones have been in high-energy particle flow and super-strong radiation for too long, your body has been repeatedly penetrated by particle flow, and the amount of radiation has exceeded the limit of cells, the damage is very serious!" Chapter 1945 a small price for deification. "Well, it looks like we're going to find a place to retreat." Li Yao said disapprovingly. From yuan Ying to Hua Shen, especially with such a direct and crude breakthrough method against Nebula Storm, the flesh and blood must have suffered serious damage, which is a normal thing. The so-called "break and then stand", not "reborn", how can the body be greatly strengthened to keep up with the pace of spiritual growth? After breaking through a great realm, ancient practitioners were extremely weak both in spirit and body. They often chose to spend several years in seclusion, slowly nourishing their bodies with various natural treasures and panaceas, so that their flesh and blood could gradually adapt to the new realm and strength. Li Yao has the most advanced training equipment, medical facilities and treasures of heaven and earth in the Federation. Even if his flesh and blood are exposed to excessive radiation, he is not worried about it. He just takes this opportunity to practice again. It's not too late to find an unmanned planet with suitable gravity nearby, take good care of it for ten days and a half months, and then look for the'Starlight Organization 'and the'Lost Cultivator'! "Swish!" Li Yaoyuan returned to his position and immediately felt the extreme pain, fatigue and emptiness of his body. Stretching out his arms, he saw that his muscles were shrinking at a rate visible to the naked eye, and his blood vessels, which had been as full as pythons, were all shriveled, like earthworms exposed to the sun.