Do Better Selling Your Book Online

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More than eight in ten books are still read as physical copies (good news for printers), and most are sold online. Even with an outstanding book publicity campaign going for you, sales success lies in doing well with virtual book shoppers. As a result, an online bookseller's pages for your book take on outsized importance. You'll sell more copies when you do everything you can to look good on those pages and make sure they come up in searches and recommendations. We live in an algorithm world, and ensuring you provide the information required to do well is essential. Skip it, and you'll see the sales impact.

One of the priorities is to complete your author's page and add high-quality content. It's an excellent tool provided free of charge and gives you a space to upload biographical information. Target readers love finding out more about authors while deciding to buy and read a book. The things you say in your bio may also help with search engines. You can also link your website, social media, and other online elements from the page. When readers click on your name from pages where your book is sold, you want them to receive an excellent user experience – it will pay off nicely.

The same author's pages also provide opportunities to link your editorial book reviews. They are among the most persuasive endorsements of your book. When you receive a strong review from a trusted source, it immediately gives you and your book stature. The same goes for your book description. Make sure you write a keyword-rich text that helps you come up on searches. The art of doing well in search results is about carefully weaving in keywords as you write user-friendly text. You'll miss opportunities to sell your book if you write a beautiful description, but no one finds your page to read it.

The search-inside feature is excellent and related to your book's content. It allows prospective buyers to sample the book just as they would thumbing through the pages in a store. It often takes some sneak peek for someone to decide to purchase. Some buyers will move on if you don't provide the chance to do it. The story's moral is to provide good content in every available spot online. If you're stuck for ideas or need inspiration, don't hesitate to look at what other authors are doing. Once you figure it out, you'll be on your way to sparking more book sales.