Rainbow all the way

"Congratulations!" Zhang Sheng suddenly smiled.

"Congratulations!" Zhang Sheng suddenly smiled. He walked up with a bright face, took Xu Haisheng's hand and shook it kindly. [db:wangzhi] Chapter 186 strategizing. Xiaoshuotxt. Co m Xu Haisheng was stupefied, suddenly also smiled, he pulled back another hand from Tang Xiaoai's arm, put it on Zhang Sheng's two hands, and smiled: "Congratulations." "Brother Xu, where does my happiness come from?" "Isn't it a joy to stage a comeback?" "One hundred million yuan, three times, deal!" The auctioneer dropped the hammer and almost broke the handle. Ha ha, it's a joy. Brother Xu got this Yue Wang Jian. It's also a great joy. Congratulations, congratulations. "Ha ha ha." Both of them burst out laughing, looking so happy that there was no sign of tension. Luo Fei was secretly relieved. Boss Qiu laughed and said, "Mr. Zhang, this is.." "Oh, let me introduce you. This is Xu Haisheng, the big boss of Shanghai Xu's investment." Xu Haisheng's name, boss Qiu, was also heard of in Shenzhen. Hearing that he was moved, he quickly stretched out his hand and said, "So it's Mr. Xu. I've heard so much about him." Without even looking at him, Xu Haisheng said to Zhang Sheng with a smile, "My brother is really a strange man. He has three ups and three downs, but he never falls down!"! To tell you the truth, I really didn't expect you to have today. At the beginning, you were really miserable. I thought you had been exposed in the wilderness and fed to wild dogs under the pursuit of Luo Cannon. Occasionally,inflatable amusement park, when I think of it, I shed tears of sympathy for you. I can't imagine that you have unlimited scenery here. Qiu boss was Xu Haisheng so cold, secretly angry in the heart, but he is the initiative to ingratiate. He had only himself to blame for sticking his hot face to someone else's cold buttocks, and it was not easy for him to fall out with each other. At this time, when he heard the conversation between the two of them, he did not look like a friend at all with a gun and a stick, and then he realized that there was something else going on. "Ups and downs are a common thing in life," said Zhang Sheng with an unchanging smile. Some people say that a man who has been a soldier, a prisoner and a divorcee is a real man. Although the words are a bit extreme,inflatable bounce house with slide, in fact, it is not unreasonable, men should be more frustrated and more brave, do not turn back, through setbacks, in order to truly mature, strong and strong. Words that Liu bang had been chased like a lost dog, when the emperor was excluded when often make constipation, Deng adults almost starved to death when unlucky, not to mention these big shots, is now the big brothers swagger on the underworld. There are also times when someone points a gun at his skull and pretends to be a grandson. The problem is.. Can you have the last laugh? Who can laugh to the end, who is the winner. It's not a shame for a recruit to wet his pants when he just went to the battlefield. After a battle, he still dares to roll mines to block gun holes, don't you think? Xu Haisheng's eyes were cold and his face was full of sneers. Zhang Sheng's eyes flashed and he asked, "Why did Brother Xu come all the way from Shanghai?"? You are a person who can't get up early without profit. Did you hear early that there is a rare ancient sword here, so you are determined to win it? Xu Haisheng's eyebrows jumped, pretended to laugh easily, Inflatable mechanical bull ,Inflatable outdoor park, patted Tang Xiaoai's tender hand, and said: "Where?". Where? I came to Shenzhen just to investigate the market here. I'm going to set up an investment branch here. Two days later, I went to Hong Kong with my girlfriend, Miss Tang Xiaoai, and then traveled to Europe to relax. Zhang Sheng glanced at Xu Haisheng's beautiful female companion and nodded politely: "Hello." He doesn't recognize the girl anymore. Tang Xiaoai has changed a lot. The tall figure is slightly plump, and the skin is more delicate. Show a bit of grace and dignity. Accompanied by Xu Haisheng, the result of hard training is that she is elegant and noble in every move. She has now been reborn and has become a socialite in the upper class. When Xu Haisheng said this, he turned his eyes and glanced at Luo Fei, as if he had just discovered her. He was surprised and said, "Is this fresh and refined girl..?"? Just now I thought I was in love. I could meet two old friends here. Why don't you introduce your female companion to me, brother Zhang? Zhang Sheng listened to his words with teasing, a little schadenfreude, obviously not clear about the whereabouts of love, thought he liked the new and hated the old, and wanted to change his mind, his heart suddenly widened, he did not defend, then pulled Luo Fei, introduced: "This is my female companion Miss Luo Fei.". Luo Fei, this is Mr. Xu Haisheng, president of Xu's investment, and.. Tang Xiaoai took the initiative to stretch out his hand: "Tang Xiaoai!" "How do you do, Miss Tang?" Luo Fei shook hands with her, neither humble nor arrogant. Tang Xiaoai smiled, suddenly said a sentence in a strange foreign language, Luo Fei immediately answered a few words, the language speech is similar to her, obviously two people speak the same language, Zhang Sheng did not understand, some inexplicable. Tang Xiaoai listened to Luo Fei's words, looked a little embarrassed, moved his lips, smiled reluctantly, and let go of his hand shyly. Xu Haisheng was proficient in Japanese and knew a little about English, but he didn't understand the conversation between them. At this time, he couldn't ask them face to face, so he just didn't see them. He pulled Zhang Sheng to one side and sat down, just like a pair of good friends for many years. When Xu Haisheng came to Shenzhen this time, he really wanted to open a branch here. Even if there is no Zhang Sheng here, he will not let go of this golden land, not to mention Zhang Sheng's recent development is a bit terrible, he never regretted the past, since he has become an opponent, the only thing he wants to do is to destroy the opponent, so he came. Attending the charity auction party this time was really a temporary idea. He didn't expect to meet Zhang Sheng beforehand. When he saw him auctioning his treasures tonight, Xu Haisheng suddenly came out to bid for the ancient sword and let him see his strength. This sword is Zhang Shengli, he must not be afraid of bidding, because no matter how much he bids, he pays himself, Xu Haisheng estimates that Zhang Sheng is excited and will compete with him. At that time, he would admit defeat at an unprecedented high price, and without paying a penny, he would become famous in Shenzhen. Unexpectedly, Zhang Sheng, who had always been indomitable, also became slippery and did not compete with him. Although the goal of popularity was achieved,Inflatable indoor park, he took out a hundred million yuan. The sword is said to be priceless. The question is, if it is really for sale, how many people are willing to offer 100 million yuan to buy it? The dumb man is sure to suffer a loss. joyshineinflatables.com