Mary is next door-2

A sickle can kill people back to level 1, a flute can summon countless monsters,

A sickle can kill people back to level 1, a flute can summon countless monsters, God knows, what abnormal skills this snow umbrella has! When people thought that those snowflakes had lethal power and were even ready to escape and escape, they found that they were just scenery and had nothing to do with them-so people were even more perturbed about the second ability of Snow God Umbrella to "bring people back to the ancient world", and no one knew where the ancient world was, probably similar to the prison of heaven. Most people guess that if you die, you can come back to life, and you can practice again at level 1, but if you are taken to ancient times, you may never come back. Little Mary proudly walked barefoot along the road where people got out of the way, step by step to the gate of Tianya City. She typed one word at a time, but no one dared to interrupt. Level training speed.. Hundreds and thousands of times faster.. This is undoubtedly a fatal temptation for most of the players who are struggling to upgrade without full level. In an instant, all the people who were watching the scene of bustle joined the ranks of attacking Tianya City. Even the people who were surrounded by Tianya City and had no time to flee were excited. The upgrade speed was thousands of times! What could be more desirable than that! So even the people in the city began to attack their own capital. Su Yao's face twisted as she watched the city she had built destroyed in the smoke of gunpowder. It was false to say that she did not feel heartache, but she was relieved at the thought that there would be a better new world. What really made her smile was the text message from Qin Chuan: Well, is this Lord Death's style, too? Su Yao's mouth opened a line. Everyone is happy, except Luo Zishang and Ji Canghai. The former did not say a word, but looked at the distant end that he did not know whether it was happy or sad, his expression was indifferent,321 stainless steel sheet, and he could not see anything. Ji Canghai, on the other hand, cried with his coquettish notebook in his arms, "His country!"! His scepter! His people! He has no news of gold ingots! He's going to be a bachelor king!!! However, while he was crying vigorously, the world channel has undergone tremendous changes. There is an artifact in the West! "***!"! Where, where! Come and see, the huge door of time and space has opened! Aah! "" "Damn, I can finally experience it once in my lifetime." "There is no artifact. Don't talk nonsense. The task of the artifact has been activated!" "Who cares? Let's go, let's go. What's the point of fighting?" "No, 316 stainless steel plate ,x60 line pipe, why can't I get into the door of time and space?" "Don't push!"! Grass The crowded wood is small! "I can give up the little one for the artifact!" "What's the matter, cheating?!"! Open the door and don't let anyone in?? "Damn who just stuck me and dropped the line!" "Has someone already gone in and it's full?" "Impossible!"! I'm the one who hit the task scroll, and I can't get in myself! "No wonder you shouted on the World Channel. You couldn't get in yourself." "How did you hit it?" N questions. I was mining on the periphery, and occasionally when I killed a monster, I exploded a scroll called "Broken Sand Timepiece." When I used it, it was a crack in time and space! Apart from the artifact, there is no such big posture! "Yes, I saw that the players who were frozen in the snow mountain on the forum said that they also saw the crack in time and space at that time.." …… Su Yao looked at the battlefield in the air in an instant, and the people who had just been red-eyed with boiling blood rushed to the west to watch, cursing, and she hurriedly got off the line and changed the number of the Red Medicine Hall to take her group of thieves to the west. "I've always admired the people who designed the game world of Human World, and I believe its playability will still stand at the forefront of the world in ten years." After listening to Wang Shenmu's opinion, Gu Chaoyan pretended to express his approval calmly. As a liar, first of all, he must be a good actor. To become a good actor, first of all, he must be a good audience. Wang Shenmu is very appreciative of his modesty and calmness, which makes him frustrated in the world. Is there anyone who can understand him better than the Temple of Eternal Life of Death? I am very interested in those artifacts. After I got Ragnarok, I have been thinking about who designed such a powerful task system. Looking at the current online games, none of them has the concept of artifacts. But you just adjust the balance quite well, people not only do not give up the game because of the anti-heaven attribute of the artifact, but also ignite a lot of enthusiasm to burn money to upgrade, Shenmu brother designed these, is it also a satire on society and human beings? Now it was Gu Chaoyan's turn to say that his words had been prepared long ago, which would not arouse Wang Shenmu's suspicion, but also tactfully set out what he wanted to know, and there were three, three artifacts, as long as one was sold to the coal boss, the children in that school would not have to starve and suffer in their lives. Artifacts, there are six of them. Wang Shenmu said in a contemptuous tone: "In fact, I have buried a big secret in it. No one knows. Only when all six artifacts are born, will they.." His voice did not fall, the cell phone in his pocket rang,uns s31803 sheet, he saw that it was a former colleague of the technical department. Shenmu, the mission of the Western artifact has been triggered. The man on the phone lowered his voice and said. Impossible! Wang Shenmu was resolute, and the news was like a bolt from the blue for him.