This heart is boundless

All the way to Xiaofeng Pavilion, like a step by step,

All the way to Xiaofeng Pavilion, like a step by step, each floor has two tables opposite each other, and the guests are almost full. Meng Tingfei and Yan Xilin sat in the Xiaofeng Pavilion, and the princess of Dongyang just sat on the right back of Yan Xilin. I am slightly stupefied, but Seeing Princess Dongyang glancing at her, she couldn't help exulting, "Hey, boss Yan, are you here too?" I had no choice but to bow my head and salute, saying, "Yan Wuyin, a civilian girl, has seen the prince, the princess, and Master Meng.". Courtesy. "Don't mention it, boss Yan," said Meng Tingfei. "Come and sit down." I am stupefied, go sit? Where to sit? Won't you let me sit on the chairman? Just as he was hesitating, the princess of Dongyang came up and pulled me. "Elder brother," she said with a smile! I want her to sit with me. I'm not interested in what you're talking about! I want her Talk to me! Yan Xilin laughs: "Good, you this wench is capricious very much!"! Tingfei. Meng Tingfei took one look at me and said thoughtfully, "What's so difficult about this? Boss Yan, please come up and sit down." The princess of Dongyang cheered and pulled me to the chairman. "Ladies and gentlemen," said Meng Tingfei, "can you still see the scenery of Longhu Lake?" "Longhu Lake is picturesque,digital whiteboard price," said a man at the bottom. "It lives up to its reputation. We owe it to Master Meng." I heard this voice actually two points familiar, can not help but look down, can not help but be surprised, the speaker was the person who had previously come to the brocade village to buy Tiansi brocade! Hearing Gong Xueyi say that he is Yao Shengyan, the prefect of the Liao capital, and seeing his beautiful clothes, he is indeed a bit of an official Wei. There was a woman sitting beside him, who should be his wife. I couldn't help looking around at the table. Apart from him, only the people at the end of the table were people I recognized. Most of the rest were officials. As for the leaders of the three gangs and eight factions, none of them were. At. Looked at a few eyes,touch screen digital signage, hurriedly withdrew the vision, the heart turned a thousand thoughts. Meng Tingfei said, "Since Lord Yao likes it, I'll stay two more days and let Tingfei treat you well." "Thank you so much, Master Meng," said Lord Yao with a smile. I also have this intention. I'm just going to bother Master Meng. Suddenly he heard another "hum" and said coldly, "The scenery is good, but I'm afraid the drunkard's intention is not to drink. Master Meng invited us here, not just to see the scenery! Everyone was stunned. Then one of them said, "Oh, I said, Lord Zhao, Master Meng has asked me to wait. What else can I do?"? Of course, it's for the good of the princess of Dongyang! The crowd laughed, Dongyang County could not help but look up at Meng Tingfei, face suddenly red, my heart sank, this girl is interested in Meng Tingfei! But just now the man added, face recognition identification kiosk ,facial recognition thermometer, "I heard that Master Meng intends to hold the wedding in this Longhu Lake. I don't know if it is." Is it really false? Meng Tingfei laughed and said, "Lord Qin understands my mind.". I have this intention. Please come here this time, but also to help the next look, if you feel good, please put in a good word in front of the king of Liaodong. "The wedding of the princess should be held in the Liao capital," said Lord Zhao. "Why did you come here?"? In my opinion, this scenery is beautiful, but after all, it is a remote town, where can it reach the prosperity of Liao? When the king of Liaodong married his daughter, she married the world's rich source. "The Meng family, I'm afraid, shouldn't be so wronged!" Meng Tingfei suddenly stood up and walked slowly down a few steps. He stopped in front of Lord Zhao and said, "That's true, Lord Zhao.". Only "I'm sure you don't know where the Meng family originated." With these words, he turned and looked at him. All the people present looked around and cast their eyes on the nearby Longhu Lake. They said slowly, "The ancestors of the Meng family moved to live in the Sea of Clouds after they established the Eastern Vassal State in the Tianyin Dynasty. Later, their great-great-grandfather was so talented that he was appreciated by the Eastern King of Liao Dynasty. He became an official in the court and left the Sea of Clouds." Long lived in the Liao capital. In his grandfather's generation, he turned to business. Because of business, he often moved around Mianyi and Liao Capital, and seldom came to the sea of clouds. But in fact, the sea of clouds is the ancestral home of my Meng family. Everyone's face was stunned. The Meng family was originally from the sea of clouds, but few people knew about it. Lord Yao said, "I didn't expect that the Meng family had a long history with the Sea of Clouds. Could it be that this is also the reason why the Fengyuan of the world doesn't open a semicolon in the Sea of Clouds?" Meng Tingfei said with a faint smile, "Grandfather didn't open a semicolon in the sea of clouds. He was just afraid of disturbing the tranquility of his ancestors.". It made everyone laugh. "Now you know why Master Meng wants to come to Yunhai to get married," said Yan Xilin? He is just doing a little filial piety. Here are the spirit tablets of the ancestors of the Meng family, which can be regarded as the first to salute in the sea of clouds. They see Yan Xilin also said so, can not help but echo a few, only that Zhao adult, not a word. I always felt that there was something in his words, and I couldn't help looking at him more. The man was born with a broad face and stylish features, but his face was serious and unsmiling. As if he had a lot on his mind, Zi Heng suddenly whispered in his ear, "Lord Zhao has a strong physique and is introverted. He is a person who practices martial arts." I was slightly stupefied and whispered, "Do you know his identity?" Before Zi Heng could speak, the princess of Dongyang said, "You mean that Lord Zhao?"? He is the right Fu, in charge of the military forces in the outer city of Liao. Startled, I couldn't help looking up at him again. He was a man with military power! He seems to be very dissatisfied with Meng Tingfei, but why? Then he pondered for a long time, but saw Meng Tingfei slowly walk back to the chairman, still sitting down in the position just now, raising his glass. "Welcome to the land of the Meng family, everyone," he said in a loud voice. "I believe you will not be disappointed by the trip to the sea of clouds." Then he glanced down and said in a deep voice, "Please!" Everyone raised their glasses and drank together. But this situation makes me feel strange, Meng Tingfei banquet people, are all in the hands of a party of power, Yan Xilin Gui for the prince, but not as aggressive as him. Between his expression, as if the mood of the people, pinch clear. Chuchu, I'm afraid this is a Hongmen banquet. Previously, Gong Xueyi said that Meng Tingfei had made friends with all kinds of people, but now it seems that half of the people at the banquet are looking at his face, so what Gong Xueyi said is true. But, Meng Can a family command the world just because of its wealth? The king of Liaodong was granted by the emperor. Why did Meng Tingfei control the government? Just as I was meditating,thermal imaging camera, I heard Meng Tingfei say, "Boss Yan, today's food is good. Your Fengyuelou has contributed a lot. I'd like to propose a toast to you." 。