Princess Sound Moves the World

"Meng Lihe, how long will you keep the king waiting for you?"

"Meng Lihe, how long will you keep the king waiting for you?" Suddenly, a cold voice outside the door, like a sharper blade, cut through the eerie tranquility. Meng Lihe looked at the door of the hall in surprise, only to see the master who spoke, dressed in beautiful clothes embroidered with pythons, with towering hair, looking even more heroic and handsome. Just standing there, with a trace of impatience in his expression, he looked straight at her. And that person, who is not Yu Wenche? Suddenly, Su Qing's face turned pale, and the joy of seeing her sweetheart was soon drowned by jealousy, because Yu Wenche never looked at her from beginning to end! Moreover, the most important thing is that although Yuwen Che's face still looks cold, she is used to years of attention, but it is clear that Yuwen Che's eyes looking at Meng Lihe are not without temperature! Did he really take a fancy to this woman? This is impossible! Where are you worse than her? She's not reconciled! However, compared with the overwhelming emotions in her heart, the women around her were more shocked at the moment. Because, the king of Qin appeared here, and kept saying "wait", that does not mean that the king of Qin came to pick up the princess of Qin? Suddenly,65 inch touch screen, the mood of ridicule and ridicule of Meng Lihe just turned into envy and incredible. Also immediately set off just Su Qing that is extremely ironic, the original Qin Wang is not snubbed Qin Princess, but really for a reason. Not only that, but also personally came to meet, which is enough to show how much Qin Wang values Princess Qin. This is the treatment that all the women here have never received. This Qin princess, really has the ability, unexpectedly can enter Qin Wang's eye! For a moment, the whole hall went from the sound of breathing backwards to the silence that could be heard when a needle fell,75 inch smart board, and no one made any more sound. Only two eyes, through layers of people, meet in the air. Meng Lihe did not know what mood he was in at this time. Perhaps because he had not seen him for a few days, his worries turned to joy, perhaps because he had just gone through some difficulties, he appeared as before, with this heroic gesture of saving the United States and beating all the faces. Meng Lihe only felt his heart beating wildly and wanted to rush over. However, at the foot, as if a root had grown, he could not tremble, as if at that moment he knew what was meant by the fear of being close to home. What's the matter? Are your legs numb? Do you need Ben Wang to hug you? Yu Wenche, against everyone's line of sight, asked again, but the slightly raised lips made everyone blink. Meng Lihe finally came to his senses and blushed. This man, in front of so many people, although I know you said it on purpose, 86 smart board ,smart board for conference room, but you really don't know what to be ashamed of! However, he finally stood up from his seat and walked toward Yuwen Che, otherwise he really didn't know what he would say the next moment. Although, in order to maintain deportment, the pace is still dignified, but that obviously faster pace, but revealed the deepest emotions in her heart. Looking at the beautiful posture coming towards him, Yu Wenche hooked his lips, and then made a move that shocked everyone! Chapter 175 the birthday feast begins. Meng Lihe only felt a warm hand, looked down, only to see a big hand, has taken her palm, pulling her to the outside of the hall. Behind him, the moment was as noisy as a frying pan. Because no one dares to believe that the most cold-hearted prince of the whole country will hold a woman's hand one day! Just this move is enough to make everyone surprised. And Su Qing, even more pale. She loved this man for six years, all the women around her married, she is still waiting for him, he married the imperial concubine, she is still waiting for him. However, from beginning to end, he was too stingy to give himself a look. However, he took the woman's hand? For what! However, Meng Lihe has no time to take into account those exaggerated words and almost kill her eyes, this will just be muddleheaded by Yu Wenche dragged forward. This is the first time Yuwen Che took the initiative to hold her hand, and in front of so many people. I'm afraid this time, not only in the palace and the people, but also among the civil and military officials, she will soon become famous. Really, I didn't do anything, but there is a legend about me in Jianghu. It's so stressful to say! "Silly?" Ear, Yu Wenche said in a voice that only two people could hear. Meng Lihe raised the corners of his mouth and whispered back, "Wang Ye, have I ever said that you are actually very Su?" "Crisp?" Yu Wenche raised his eyebrows, "did you taste the conclusion?" Taste. Somehow, Meng Lihe immediately reacted to the extremely hot kiss before the two people. Face suddenly a hot, this person in the end there is no serious ah, how to know the longer the more refreshing her cognition! Hands can not help but use force, want to pinch him hard, but because he firmly grasped, can only move his fingers, said to pinch, but more like a scratch in the palm of his hand. Yuwen Che pressed down her fluttering paw and laughed, "Are you really a cat?" Meng Lihe could not move his hands, so he had to stare at him fiercely to show his anger. Yu Wenche looked back calmly, no matter how she tossed about, she could not escape from Wuzhishan. It happened that the two men were still walking hand in hand, looking from a distance as if they were looking at each other affectionately, which made all the people present in the palace today feel blind. I can't imagine how much these two people love each other when they walk and look at each other like this. Why didn't you reply to Su Qing just now? Finally, Yu Wenche felt that Meng Lihe was no longer struggling and asked lightly. Meng Lihe is stupefied: "Did you hear?" "Hear a few words." Yu Wenche turned his eyes back and continued to look ahead, but still said, "Meng Lihe in my impression is not so waiting to be bullied,smartboards in classrooms, or do you expect me to come to save you?" Save her.. Meng Lihe thought of Su Qing's aggressiveness just now, as well as the words that wanted to embarrass her everywhere, and could not help feeling a little angry. It was not so much to save as to settle what he had provoked himself!.