Hard Is the Way I am to Go

I smashed my mouth and stirred the ramen in my hand. That spoony seed, what a beautiful child, this child is definitely another pure child I saw after Iruka-although it is not the same level as Iruka's pure child, which is totally blind worship.

I smashed my mouth and stirred the ramen in my hand. That spoony seed, what a beautiful child, this child is definitely another pure child I saw after Iruka-although it is not the same level as Iruka's pure child, which is totally blind worship. Alas, who told him that he did not receive a good education when he was a child, no one told him that the killer element is not low, the killer element is not good! It is not a good example to look at this person who is still standing beside him. It's the eighth wonder of the world that people can grow up to be such a kind child to some extent. My mind flashed the scene of Bai Wei not blocking Kakashi with a heavy blow. At that time, the snow all over the sky was scattered beautifully, like someone's tears congealed into frost. Soft and white, playing an ethereal song, playing an elegy for him. A snow-white piece dissolved in the corner of his eyes, and his body temperature did not react to the sudden death, but remained stubbornly in his body. White dissolved in his complexion. Turned into tears that he did not shed, dropped on his cheeks and dyed his heart red. Xi Shi, Diao Chan, Yang Guifei and Sister Furong all stand aside! The white beauty is the real kingcraft! Beauty without complaint or regret can especially inspire sympathy,plastic packaging tube, love and some kind of desire. Ahem. If it's wrong, ignore it first. …… Cang! Asakura! Hello hello "Huh?"? Ah! What's the matter? Suddenly I came to my senses and found that someone was calling me. Blinking my lovely eyes, I have a pure and lovely smile on my face. In an instant, the left eye wrote "Oh, I am so pure" and the right eye wrote "Look, look,plastic packing tube, I am so cute". For a moment, I did see the facial convulsions of Sasuke, who had facial paralysis. I said that. But I didn't hear the words that he always liked to complain about my completely impure behavior, and there seemed to be a trace of uncertainty in his dark eyes. Hmmm Lips pursed into a straight line, slightly open: "Why are you crying?" Thin fingers tried to cover my cheek. I was slightly stupefied and dodged: "Oh, oh!"! You found out! I'm crying for my ramen! I pointed to the bowl in my hand. "You see how pitifully he was polluted by Naruto, aren't you?" Throwing a false tear, I folded my fist in front of my chest and nodded as if I were sure. He did not smile, nor did he have any special expression. He just stared at me in a daze, as if his eyes were soaked with some emotion that people dared not touch. He just said lightly, "Idiot." Then he turned his head and began to eat ramen, leaving me alone. The forehead throbbed slightly. Ah, eye cream packing tube ,tube lip gloss, ah, ah, I want to lift the table! Why do both MD like to say that I am a fool! Earth Dun-Finally CP Warm, Beautiful Art of Ninjutsu 16 Secret Art-Summer Sacrifice Art "I don't want to cry, I just can't help it." Hamlet was asked, "Why are you so sad?"? He answered that it was because the sun was too hot. So blue. So the moment I saw this sentence, I wanted to stay away from the sun. You know, people can even the prince of a country can not help but ravage a terrible guy. It is one of the most terrible events in the world that you don't know when you have been YY. The day is terrible, I think it is. Curled up into a small shrimp, I covered my head with a quilt on my bed and refused to get up. Xiao Ai Xiao Ai, don't pull my quilt. I want to sleep. "You're going to be lazy today!"! Do you know what day it is today? A violent woman's fist hit my lovely head hard. After struggling for a long time, I decided not to get up and turned over wrapped in my quilt to continue my sleeping career: "What day?" Is it your Lord Iruka's birthday. Murmured in response. Oh, Lord Zhou, you are so handsome. You see your eyes, as deep as the sea, quiet and affectionate; you see your skin, such as the ice and snow in deep winter can be broken by blowing; you see your slender posture, how beautiful ah ah ah! So don't abandon me! I've come to you.. If it were his birthday, I would have gone to make up and prepare gifts to abduct him! Will you still call you a lazy person? "Well.." "I said you really don't know?" "Well.." Suddenly I felt my cheeks were cold, and when I opened my eyes, I saw a wriggling insect crawling happily and wantonly on my face. Look at each other. Look at each other. It's sunny and sunny today. The spring scenery is brilliant and colorful. I said, "Insect MM/GG, it's not fun here. Don't come to me." Whoo, I'm looking for Uncle Ultraman to KO you. "Ah ah!" Shouts suddenly resounded throughout the whole Konoha, scared to death, scared to death countless, since then there has been a legend that Konoha was built on the last battlefield of the first generation of Hokage, so after the death of the ghosts, Ai Ai refused to leave-not to mention that people were already dead. Every summer festival, they will come out to make a scene. Yes, today, unfortunately, happens to be the legendary summer festival. Under the bombardment of Beichuan children's shoes, I had no choice but to kiss my brother Zhou Gong goodbye before I got up. In my heart, I dragged Xiao Ai's children's shoes to the wild and used the technique of Hao Fireball to blast one side. I killed them a hundred times in a thousand years, and then I went into the bathroom to wash. Whoo, it's really necessary to relieve your mood and vent your anger at home! I said,eye cream packaging tube, what exactly is the Summer Festival going to do? So busy? It must be a big event to let the daughters of four generations go out like this? A big date gathering? Ah Is it a good day to throw down? Idiot! It's not what you think! With a bang, the left side of our face swelled. It was as bright and bright as the shining monkey's buttocks squatting on the hilltop to peep at the mother orangutan bathing, and it was different from the white and red. I haven't said yet. "I don't want to make an appointment with Mr. Iruka!" "I.." "Don't think about it!" 。 emptycosmetictubes.com