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The function of the spirit wing is not only to fly, but also to gather spirits. With the eternal melody and spiritual orifices of Xiong's mouth, the speed of his spiritual power recovery can only be described as a fear well.

The function of the spirit wing is not only to fly, but also to gather spirits. With the eternal melody and spiritual orifices of Xiong's mouth, the speed of his spiritual power recovery can only be described as a fear well. However, in this eternal tower, light tooth, plain elf Yating is still unable to appear, seems to be suppressed by the eternal tower. Without the containment of Haoyue, the two skeletons rushed to Long Haochen together, and there was even cooperation between them. One of the skeletons had two clusters of golden flames in his eyes, and the bone knife in his hand had the meaning of turning to gold, while the other skeleton hit Long Haochen directly, and the bone knife cut down heavily. They're cooperating? The skeleton whose bone knife turned into gold was obviously going to perform the Shura Chop. Under such circumstances, how could Long Haochen let him succeed? The strong golden and blue light shone in his right hand. Next, two dragon songs sounded at the same time, one high and one low, but emitting a strange shock. One gold and one blue, two miyou little dragons shot out, and in an instant they hit the skeleton that was ready to launch the Shura Chop. In the loud noise, the bone shield that the skeleton tried to resist and the bone knife in its hand broke in an instant, Xiong. The skeleton was also shattered. But it still did not fall, unfortunately, the evolution of the version of the light and rain hibiscus thorn is not what it can contend with. The pressure of the light dragon and the water dragon directly crushed its broken body, and a white light flew into the mouth of Long Haochen Xiong. Using Guangyu Xiaorong thorn again,plastic pallet price, Long Haochen found that the biggest feature of this skill after evolution is not the attack enhancement, to be exact, its attack power is only a little enhanced, facing a skeleton in full bloom can not directly kill it. The most important thing is the limited ability it has evolved. This is the most hidden aspect of Long Haochen himself, so the help to him is undoubtedly enormous. However, Long Haochen did not expect that after trapping the enemy, the contraction of the light dragon and the water dragon was also very powerful. After all, this is the second time he has used the evolved light rain hibiscus thorn. At the same time as the light rain hibiscus thorn was sent out,plastic pallet crates, the attack of another skeleton had arrived. The Holy Shield with the Brilliant Holy Shield is launched, and the God Royal Block. At that moment, there was a loud noise, and Long Haochen did not move, but the bone knife of the skeleton was shaken up. Now Long Haochen is not so easy to bully, he is already the sixth order, not to mention the brilliant shield of this brilliant equipment. The light rain lotus thorn returns at the right time, and then it's time for Long Haochen's performance. Demon flash burst, countless points of light into dazzling halo overwhelming, although the skeleton also has a bone shield, but its biggest disadvantage is that the equipment is weak, its own defense is not strong. Under the attack of Demon Flash, it is impossible for him to release such a powerful attack skill as Shura Chop. After destroying the magic flash, Long Haochen linked up with the holy scratch released by enough flowers and trees. In the sound of the dragon's singing, the holy engraving version of the rising dragon strike broke out. It directly crushed the body of the skeleton. This time, the golden light group representing the method of Shura Chop did not appear again, plastic pallet containers ,ibc spill containment pallet, but the white light still poured into the body chalk of Long Haochen. There is no doubt that this is 20 points of spiritual power. But of course, Long Haochen will not absorb it in vain at this time. Kill the two skeletons before and after that is a few breaths of time, repair for the sixth level, the overall strength of Long Haochen has obviously been greatly enhanced, especially the personal combat effectiveness, without the help of Haoyue also successfully killed the two skeletons. But, again, he is not relaxed. Because there is no worry about the cause, he can be said to go all out to launch the attack, light rain hibiscus thorn and graft two big cards are used, this did not let the two skeletons strong attack force burst out. However, even so, the people of the No.21 Demon Hunting Group still saw the overbearing strength of the skeleton. Long Haochen's problem now is the sixth-order skills, although he has his father's inheritance ring, but because he has just broken through the sixth order, some of the sixth-order skills have not yet had time to understand, let alone the guardian knight skills. That has to go back to the Knight Temple to learn, of course, he can not wait so long, ready to find Han Gou this real master to learn skills these days. Secret skills can't be thrown casually, but ordinary sixth-order skills are always possible. Did everyone see it clearly? Long Haochen turned to his partners and explained the role of the white light group. A light group can increase ten points of spiritual power! For Long Haochen, it takes a long time to practice, let alone others. They do not have the constitution of the children of light. The death energies are not very difficult to adapt to, after all, they are not attacking Xing. It's just that the spiritual power can't be restored, which makes people feel a little uncomfortable. After the partners said there was no problem, Long Haochen nodded and said, "I don't know how strong the test will be, but I will try my best to protect everyone.". When it is really impossible to resist, it quickly retreats. As long as you exit a certain range, the skeleton will not continue to attack. And every time we leave here and come back, the trial begins with the first two skeletons. Sima Xian shook his powerful pill of light and said, "Boss, let's begin. I can't wait any longer." Long Haochen nodded and said, "As he spoke, he walked in the front, while the other five kept their usual battle formation and marched forward.". Long Haochen's speed is very slow, the test is to be triggered one by one, otherwise once triggered too much for everyone can be difficult. Continue to move forward, about five steps or so, Long Haochen heart suddenly alarm, subconsciously a horizontal hand shield, only to hear a light sound of ding, a sharp spiritual power almost penetrated the defense of the shield. Fortunately, the holy shield on Long Haochen's shield was sent out by the real Ji, which blocked the attack. An illusory figure flashed away. Long Haochen in the heart suddenly frightened, shout loudly, in the hands of the blue rain, light hibiscus extinguish magic flash on the path to let go. Also at this time, behind Long Haochen sounded a stuffy hum,plastic bulk containers, Wang yuanyuan body fell back, the body's armor more than a deep scratch. An assassin? An assassin. And there's more than one. Destroy the magic flash, a large area of coverage did not attack the enemy. Seal Throne Chapter 101 Overall Promotion (Part 1).