Showing off the members of your team has never been easier than it is with the help of the Elementor Creative Vertical C

In this scenario, the playing cards will slide into place one after the other at intervals that have been determined in advance

In this scenario, the playing cards will slide into place one after the other at intervals that have been determined in advance. You can now see that this particular layout part was created with a two column configuration. This is visible because it has been brought up to this point in the process. You can also get this ready-made template on my camera partner if you want to achieve this effect without doing it yourself. Since we can get it here for a little cost, and you can get such a json file after downloading it, this is an option for you if you want to avoid doing it yourself. You merely have to drag the json file to this location, and after that, you will be able to view the file automatic slide card in this part of the screen. Even if you only need to go to a new page, you will still have to do this. You are free to use it as a detailed model for your own work in any way you see fit. From this location, you also have the ability to change the names of these items. You are not obligated to obtain this template; however, if you do not wish to do so, you are free to start the process from the very beginning.



Let's head back to this location, shall we? As a result, the first thing that we have to do is retrieve an image from this column, and then after that, we will upload an image from one of the galleries that we have available. Then, in this section, we need to make certain that the setting for the internal part is selected, and we also need to give Vertical Carousels (order now) a width of 470 pixels. Because of this, we would also like to alter the color of the white background, and we will start with this column.

In order for us to take advantage of the image box widget, we will need to in addition include some text. HereWe are currently putting together a section for team members, and we want this button to be the primary focus of attention within that section. Here, you can provide links to your various social media profiles. Let's take a look at this particular piece of written material. Both of these pieces of text need to have their color changed to black, and they both need to have their color changed to black. Let's use a gradient for the background of the follow button, with pink serving as the starting point of the progression. Because of this, the button will be easier to notice. Because of this, we will be able to create a border that has a radius of one hundred pixels, and after that, we will be able to add some filling.

In conclusion, we would like to alter the size of this font. Accordingly, let's change the size to 19 and the weight to 400 in this typesetting.

Following the removal of the fill and subsequent setting of the fill's value to zero, we will proceed to add the rounded corner. Therefore, based on this column setting, we need to align this to the middle vertically so that we can put this button on the right, and we also need to align this space horizontally so that we can put this button on the right. However, because of this, there will be an equal amount of space between each of the items, which is something that should be done, but we do not want to do this.

Position our item precisely where it is already located, in the middle of this column. In addition to that, we need some space to the right. Because of this, you need to begin configuring vertical carousels from this column rather than the one to the left. Therefore, to begin, let's switch to tablet mode, where you can see that these texts overlap with this button. Once you've done that, let's continue. What do you say we check this out on the portable device that we have? Consequently, we do not want this button to be situated on the right side of the screen.

We want it to be aligned vertically to the bottom, but for the sake of this text, let's move it up a bit so that we can position it at 15. In addition, we would like to reduce the size of the font on this button to 15 pixels, and we need to reduce the amount of filling that is on the bottom and left of the button. In addition, we require some space to move around, which is why some margins have been included in this document.


Finally, we want to reduce the width of this internal component, and because we can now adjust the width by using the preview, we will set it to 280 pixels


- Let's copy it several times from here on out by making use of the right mouse button

- You can now change the text in addition to changing the name of the file

- At this juncture, one of the slides for the class needs to be added

- You won't have to worry about any code at all here because we will provide all of the code fragments to my website and link the code fragments to my description

- Here, you won't have to worry about any code at all

- After we have added this HTML widget to this column, let's move on to the next step, which is to paste the code into this area

- While this card is sliding across the table, if we hover the mouse over it while it is moving, it will stop moving