Allegiant Airlines

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Fly with Allegiant on three popular routes

1) Bellevillest. Louis (BLV) to Citadel Lauderdale Miami (FLL)
2) Charleston (CHS) to Pittsburgh (PIT)
3) Destin Castle Walton seashore (VPS) to Indianapolis (IND)

Reasonably priced Allegiant Airlines tickets

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Allegiant Airlines provides non-stop flights between Belleville/St. Louis (BLV) Castle Lauderdale/Miami (FL), Charleston, South Carolina Global Airport (CHS), Pittsburgh Global Airport (PIT) in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Fort Walton Seashore Airport (VPS), Florida International Airport Indianapolis, Indiana (IND ). It provides an easy way for vacationers to travel to these routes. Before you book your Allegiant airways flight, here are a few things you want to keep in mind.

check-in and boarding

Allegiant Airlines passengers can check online, through the airline's mobile app or at the airport. you can check it online or via mobile app 24 hours up to at least one hour before your scheduled departure time. online or mobile check-in allows passengers to print their boarding passes or have them sent to their mobile devices. it is possible to take a look at the airport through the self-supporting kiosks and look at the counters. Boarding normally starts half an hour before departure and ends approximately 10 minutes earlier. Passengers must be equipped to board the aircraft at least half an hour before departure.

luggage cover

Allegiant airlines may also charge more for offers such as checked bags, seat selection and in-flight refreshments. One personal item (along with a bag or backpack) is allowed on board free of charge. Checked baggage fees vary depending on the direction, time of year, and the load and size of your baggage. travelers should carefully consider baggage rules and fees before booking flights.

In-flight services

Allegiant Airlines is a low-cost carrier and no longer provides free food or beverages. Passengers should purchase snacks and liquids throughout the flight. you can also access various in-flight entertainment options along with movies, TV shows and video games.