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Cheap Stainless Steel Pipe Cheap Stainless Steel Pipe

Cheap Stainless Steel Pipe The 201 used for the production of stainless steel welded pipes on the market is not the 201 of the American ASTM standard, nor the SUS201 of the Japanese JIS standard. Its nickel content does not reach the American 201 or Japanese 201 standard, so let's call it 201A. It is a nickel-saving stainless steel material introduced from India, which replaces nickel with manganese and contains about 1% nickel. It is called J4 in India, 202A in Taiwan, and 1Cr15Mn8Ni1N in mainland China. Since stainless steel entered the decoration market in the late 1980s, stainless steel decoration materials have mainly been 304. Although it has developed rapidly, it has always been sold in large and medium cities. As a high-end decoration material, it is mainly used in high-end hotels and restaurants. Decoration of doors, windows and stair railings. In the mid-1990s, the author traveled to Urumqi, Xinjiang on business, and found that only the uppermost pipe of the stair handrail in a star-rated hotel is stainless steel, and other pillars are supported by wood and other materials. Moreover, except for the developed Pearl River Delta and Yangtze River Delta Outside the region, there are almost no small and medium-sized cities and rural areas in the Mainland. The higher price of 304 stainless steel pipe seriously affects the application of stainless steel pipe in the decoration industry. In the late 1990s, a stainless steel material called J4 produced by an Indian company was introduced into China (that is, 201A mentioned in this article), and its low price suddenly attracted many stainless steel welded pipe enterprises and decoration manufacturers to produce and sell. Few manufacturers offer this material. After that, some domestic private enterprises quickly discovered this business opportunity and quickly invested funds to start the production of this stainless steel material. Around 2006, the company once stopped sales in China and only provided a small part, and the domestic welded pipe industry almost no longer uses its plates.Cheap Stainless Steel Pipe website: