Water Based Polymer

Water Based Polymer Water Based Polymer

Water Based Polymer The connecting material determines the drying type, drying speed, gloss, wear resistance and firmness of the ink. In water-based inks, water-soluble resins and emulsion polymers mainly act as connecting materials. Viscosity is the most important control index in the application of water-based ink binder. In the printing process, the low viscosity of water-based ink will cause some disadvantages, such as light color, dot expansion, uneven ink transmission and so on; On the contrary, if the viscosity of water-based ink is too high, the transfer performance of ink is relatively poor, which is prone to dirty version, paste version and other disadvantages. In addition, the connecting material should also have good solubility, good dispersion of pigment, excellent color development and good adhesion to the substrate. In short, the binder determines the rheology, viscosity and printing adaptability of the ink. Therefore, it is very important for the production of connecting material. Technical Parameters of water-based pearlescent connecting material Appearance: colorless or light yellow transparent liquid Nonvolatile composition: water soluble acrylate polymer Nonvolatile Content: 28 卤 2% PH value: 7.0-8.0 Viscosity: 150-220 seconds (coated with 4 cups), the viscosity can be adjusted according to customer requirements. Water based pearlescent connecting material - Technical Realization Elements In order to solve the shortcomings of the prior art, the utility model provides a filter tank for water-based pearlescent ink connecting material, which comprises a tank body, a sealing cover, a feeding port, a discharging port, a support foot, a vertical filter screen, a first layer plate, a second layer plate, a third layer plate, a fourth layer plate and a vacuum pump; The sealing cover is located at the upper end of the tank body; The feeding port is arranged on both sides of the upper part of the tank body; The discharge port is arranged in the middle of the lower end of the tank body; The supporting foot is connected with the outside of the tank body; The vertical filter screen is vertically connected with the first layer of plate; The first layer of plate is located at the upper part of the tank body; The second layer plate is located directly below the first layer plate; The third layer plate is located directly below the second layer plate; The fourth layer plate is located directly below the third layer plate; The vacuum pump is connected with the lower end of the tank body. Water based pearlescent binder - Properties This product is an aqueous acrylic resin with strong alkali solubility and can be miscible with water, alcohol and ether in any ratio. The pigment has strong dispersibility, good flexibility and high gloss. Fast drying, good adhesion, strong water resistance after drying, good printing performance, good compatibility with film forming emulsion. Wide miscibility and good fluidity. Adjust the viscosity with water or alcohol (or alcohol and water 1:1) Water based pearlescent bonding material -- Application It is mainly used for pearlescent powder binder. Water based pearlescent binder - Shelf Life Store in a cool and dry place for 6 months. If it exceeds this period, it can still be used if it passes the inspection. Water based pearlescent connecting material -- Environmental Protection Index The solvents used in the polymerization of this product are non-toxic and highly volatile solvents, which meet the green environmental protection standards required by the state.Water Based Polymer website:http://www.kageminks.com/water-based-polymer/