Hormone trap

Reeves soon gave him a definite answer, but he misunderstood what Su Jinzhi meant. "Didn't Lord Josh give up looking for the wind?" Su Jinzhi glanced at him: "Since I didn't find it, why should I give up?" 。

After entering the door, he went straight to the window of the living room and carefully observed the courtyard below. It was quiet and there was no suspicious person. Maybe they are aware of it, so the other side dare not act rashly, maybe they really made a mistake, anyway, it is better to be careful in the future. Zhou went back to his room, relaxed his body, fell on his back on the bed, and took a long breath. Xiang Yi closed the window and came in. "How can I walk back?" "Well," Zhou's eyes immediately dodged, "Yiyi sent me back." "I know," Xiang Yi glanced at her with a look that had already seen through everything. "I mean, why didn't I send you downstairs?" I was so nervous just now that I threw myself into his arms. He must have smelled the alcohol on my body. Zhou felt guilty and touched his nose: "I want to take a walk..." "Can't I smell it after a few steps?" Xiang Yi looked at her. "Just drink. I won't hit you." "I was afraid you would be angry." Zhou Xiaoxin said. Since the recurrence of gastroenteritis on the island, Xiang Yi forbade her to drink and eat spicy food. Frowning, Xiang Yi knelt on the bed on one leg, turned her over and patted her on the buttocks: "Is it for myself that I don't let you drink?" "You said you wouldn't hit me, but you're hitting me now." Zhou lay on the bed, twisted his head and said. Xiang Yi raised his hand and slapped him again: "Be stubborn again!" "Well, I know I was wrong." It didn't hurt much, but it was too humiliating to be spanked like that. Zhou struggled to turn over, but his knees pressed his legs and he couldn't move. He had to admit his mistake and said flatteringly, "I'll never dare to do it again." Xiang Yi pressed on her and said with a straight face, "Next time you come back late, call me to pick you up.". If I'm not at home, I'll call Xiao Xin. "I know." Zhou said, "can you let me go, Master Xiang?" "Go take a shower." Xiang Yi rubbed two hands on her head and took her legs away. Having Xiang Yi by her side and hugging her to sleep at night makes Zhou feel very safe. But last night's shock was still on her mind, and she always felt that it was not her own illusion. When she got up the next morning,ceramic igniter electrodes, she contacted her assistant and asked her to find a reliable private detective as soon as possible. Every day with Xiang Yi to stay together, but do not worry about security issues, but do not check things out, her heart is not stable. Early in the morning, my aunt and uncle came over and greeted everyone to play mahjong. Zhou has almost mastered the skills these days, and he has a good luck today, and he has won a few. Happy to play for a long time, after lunch, Zhou and Xiangyi drove other people to a shopping mall under Dayuan to buy New Year's goods. Qian Jiasu had a shopping card that Zhou had given him earlier, and the amount was very considerable. A group of people with great momentum, quite a bit of robbery posture. Zhou seldom goes to the supermarket, especially with a large family. It's fun to walk two steps and get together. Three men each pushing a shopping cart, according to grandma's command, the same selection and purchase, the three carts are loaded with a bumper harvest. When they went to check out together, Kamado bbq grill ,Ozone generator ceramic plate, Xiang Yi and Zhou walked to the end and passed somewhere. He suddenly stopped, his eyes slowly swept over the colorful shelves, reached for a box and threw it in the car. Zhou took his arm, turned his head and glanced at it, only to see a pile of goods like a hill, a square silver-gray box at the top, which was very conspicuous. The words on the box are also quite sexy, and the ice is very thin. Put it so high, afraid that others can't see it? She frowned and quickly took the box down and put it back on the shelf. I ran out of them at home. Xiang Yi reminded her in a low voice. Zhou took his arm again, and his eyebrows and eyes did not move: "Don't use it if you run out." Xiang Yi raised the corners of his mouth and smiled silently. After paying the bill, a heavy pile of goods was carried to the car by several people. When it was almost time for dinner, Qian Jiasu, a local tyrant, invited everyone to eat hot pot. To the hotpot restaurant, several people were seated, Qian Tuhao was consulting everyone's opinions and ordering, and the mobile phone on the table rang. He took it over and looked at it, his face changed obviously, he muted it, the screen went down and put it back. See by the aunt, teach him immediately: "You this child, I teach you so? So do not answer the phone is very impolite." "Sales promotion." Qian Jiasu said perfunctorily, "Didn't you read my notes?" "Do you still give people notes when you sell?" Aunt glared at him, reached out and took the phone over, Qian Jiasu could not stop, watching her connect. Then, a crisp and angry girl's voice came from the other end: "Qian Jiasu, do you want to abandon me?"! Why don't you answer my phone? “……” Qian Jiasu covered his face with a black line on his forehead, not daring to look directly into his mother's burning eyes. Later things were completely out of Qian Jiasu's control, and the aunt quickly reached a consensus on the phone with the girl who had been "abandoned at the beginning of chaos" and called her to a family gathering. Qian Jiasu was restless and explained to his mother for a long time, but she completely ignored him. He was so anxious that he had to turn his eyes to his sister-in-law for help. Zhou shrugged his shoulders and spread out his hands to show that he could not help. Not long after, Zhong Niantong, wearing a red cloak coat, a short woolen skirt and small leather shoes, and a lovely young ball head on his head, appeared vigorously in the hot pot restaurant. The aunt frowned and pinched her son under the table as if he were a student. I thought he finally had a girl around him, but it turned out to be an underage girl! "Hi ~" Zhong Niantong did not have stage fright, sweetly greeted everyone one by one, "Grandma is good, uncle and aunt are good, my name is Zhong Niantong, you call me pupil." "Pupil, come and sit with aunt." My aunt called her with a smile and asked the waiter to add a chair. Zhong Niantong pouted delicately and stood beside Qian Jiasu. "I want to sit with him." "Then you sit here." The aunt immediately wants to move the position for her, the week opens the mouth at the right moment, cannot refuse the tone way: "You come to me here." Zhong Niantong paused and walked over obediently, calling her cleverly,cordierite c520, "Sister Zhou." Then he looked at the man he had seen in Qian Jiasu's circle of friends, "Hello, brother-in-law." 。 global-ceramics.com