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The puffins introduced along the way. While secretly observing Yueyang and Qiying, the more she looked, the more confused she felt.

King Hongjiao shook his head frantically, desperately trying to break away from the white light net. The white net made a sizzling sound and was gradually broken open. It seemed that the priest's way was not deep enough, and the skills he used to deal with King Hongjiao were still a little stretched. Hiding behind the rock, I looked at the flame in the mouth of King Hongjiao, and suddenly felt a burst of inexplicable heat and dryness. The flame seemed to be somewhat similar to my best small fireball, but it was bigger than mine, and the color was deeper. The two little purples in the depths of my eyes were beating, my blood vessels were expanding, and there seemed to be a voice in my mind, telling me that the best little fireball should be like that in the future. At the same time, it also encouraged me and urged me to join in the battle to slaughter the Red King. It seemed that only in that way could I understand the true essence of the power of flame. Only in this way can we raise the level of small fireballs that have unconsciously entered the bottleneck stage. Chapter 249 Hongjiao Wang II. Chapter 249 Hongjiao Wang II. Xiao Ying's face was still expressionless. He held the reins. His eyes behind the mask looked coldly at the Red King in front of him. The dark horse stepped down and made restless movements. It was normal for him to be a little nervous in the face of a powerful existence. All right, let's go! I gently patted the dark horse, said to the shadow, open the stealth, I completely restrained all my voice, into the purple earth, my existence, is no longer perceived by anyone, in my eyes, only the Red King in madness. If there is killing, there must be death. The Red Dragon King's claws flutter down, and from time to time one or two white lights rise. But the Red Dragon King,Rotating sludge scraper, whose strength is suppressed by the white net, is also scarred all over his body, especially on both sides. It has become a container for bone spears and long arrows. It is densely packed with countless sharp inserts, leaving only the end trembling with its twisting. Xiao Ying rushed to the front, and I followed closely, but I did not rush to start, because I knew that it was not the time for me to fight with all my strength. My attack should be the moment when the Red King broke free and the purple flame ball in his mouth was about to bloom. The earth trembled with the fury of the Red King, and the air around it became more and more hot and dry. Beads of sweat as big as beans flowed on everyone's forehead,disc air diffuser, and flowers of blood bloomed from the crowd. Power, without the support of the magic flame, the power between the player and the King of Red Jiao is in a balanced state. No, to be exact, it is slightly better than a few points. Looking at their strange shining guys, I know in my heart that all the housekeeping skills have been taken out. Not only did the priest have a unique skill, but look, a wave of magic attacks from an unimpressive summoner absolutely broke through our original concept of this profession, murmured around the murmur of complaints, and drew a strange and incomparable circle in the air, black, pure black, black without any impurities, surging in the circle, which made everyone feel cold without any sign. Surrounding sound suddenly stopped, filter nozzle ,Lamella Plate Settler, a huge, pale, no point of meat from the inside of the bone claw out, the obvious contrast between black and white so that our eyes are dazzled, with a wave of the summoner, the bone claw silently grasp to the writhing red Jiao Wang, click sound, bone claw deeply into the rock, and the tail of the red Jiao Wang, was firmly stuck in place. Unable to move for half a minute. The knight, the knight close to the King of Red Jiao, under the blessing of the uninterrupted restoration magic behind him, roared all over his body, a golden halo of color burst out all over his body, the huge axe in his hand suddenly increased a few minutes, divided into three parts, mercilessly split the strong front paws of the King of Red Jiao, and cut off a large piece with scales and flesh, and the splashing blood blurred his face. Without a chance to retreat, he was trampled by a claw from the air at the foot of the Red King and turned into a white light. The archers' arrows, with little sparks of fluorescent light, were particularly dazzling in the earth that was gradually shrouded by the night. Like raindrops, they "shot" at the King of Red Jiao. Some archers not only "shot" a series of arrows, but also "shot" a group of air arrows wrapped in a strange halo. As soon as they entered the King of Red Jiao, they immediately exploded, making the King tremble all over. If you had worked so hard, you wouldn't have fled in confusion. I looked at the wonderful scene in front of me and said in my heart that the Red King seemed to have been a little exhausted, and the previous priest's light net was completely torn to pieces, and the flame ball in the mouth of the Red King was about to come out. I rushed forward quickly, and my figure was half visible. The small fireball that had already gathered its hands hit the mouth of the King of Red Jiao impartially. The best small fireball brought out a beautiful red "color" afterimage in the air. It successfully completed its task and fell into the purple inflammation. Quiet, I suddenly feel very quiet around, as if time has stood still, everything is frozen in an instant; Move, I feel the tremor that shakes the earth, such as the impact of substance, so that all the attacks are ineffective. I had no idea that the small fireball would produce such a strong attack effect, and after the fusion of the flame of the King of Red Jiao, the destructive power caused by it was so terrible that I couldn't imagine it. When I coughed and got up from the ground, there was already a sea of fire around me, and the King of Red Jiao was rolling in the Red Sea in great pain, and the powerful impact smashed its mouth full of fangs. Its upper body was blackened, its tail was torn open, and the wound was covered with thick blood. Although it was not dead, there was not much gas left. Due to the fusion of the Red Jiao King's attack, the impact of the air wave also has an effect on us, which makes the players around us feel bad. Under the attack of the mage with less blood and the assassin's shock wave, I first said goodbye to here. If I didn't have a Tianxiang Dan in my mouth, I might have suffered a great loss. Those who can survive this mutation are not easy to mess with. They didn't notice the mutation caused by me. They only know that the King of Red Jiao is almost finished. Kill! The King of Red Jiao is going to die! "Damn it, hang up that guy and get out of breath!" "Explode the equipment!"! This B can give gold class equipment at least! Shouting with hatred and greed,Mechanical fine screen, the remaining players have rushed up, want to rescue, hang the head of the Red Jiao Wang.